Audrey Magazine


Audrey Magazine is the result of a semester's work. It seemed like a fever dream first; Come up with a concept to make a magazine about.

After that, go through multiple names that suits the feel of your magazine (Hush, Marilyn).

Once you finally land on a name you  create a logo, think of article topics, create a brand identity, write the articles, take photos, design it, edit it, design and edit it some more, cry with happiness, print it, and finally plan an entire booth for a trade fair.

The entire recipe of blood, sweat, tears, subway crumbs, paper cuts, and hugs has brought me to the end product that is Audrey Magazine. The trade fair will be a chance for you the reader to come check out, not only Audrey Magazine, but all other CreComm magazines and their respective booths. Hopefully I'll see you there!



WHERE: River College's The Roblin Centre campus.

WHEN: Thursday, March 28, 2013,

TIME: 12-4pm

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