Fall Photos 2012 Part 1

The key to a successful photo shoot is to have fun! If just smile at the camera, count to three, and say cheese; I'm going to be all up in there like, NUH UGH *snaps fingers* OH NO YOU DIDN'T.

But seriously there are times when you want some more serious poses but the general atmosphere should be FUN! I'm doing another shoot this Sunday so look for a post on Tuesday.

If you would like to see the entire collection head over to photos and Fall 2012!

As always if YOU want some photos done please contact me! (braiden.watling(AT)gmail(dot)com) They're free and totally an awesome time! You'll get so many likes on Facebook and be like, MEGA popular and successful or something.

Finally, I want a  catch phrase to end my posts, so if you got some good ones, leave a comment and suggest one!

Til next time, I'll shoot ya later! (see, it needs work)