Learn to do the Panorama

What we will be creating:

Panoramas are a combination of several pictures stitched together to make up on final picture with a wide field of view. Below are the pictures I took at my Baba's 90th birthday that I used to make the final image.

Separate photos used to create the panorama

Alright! So let's assume you've taken your photos and now you're thinking how in the CreComm can I make these photos fit together? They don't even match up and you're missing a person in the third one!

It's time to go all Bob Ross on this piece.

Bob Ross aka the modern day Batman

Bob Ross aka the modern day Batman

Okay well maybe we won't be creating the happiest clouds alive BUT the key is to keep a smiling face while you Photoshop your way to a panoramasterpiece. What you want to look for is common elements in the photos that overlap and create a seamless connection seen here: 

The easiest way to begin is to use one photo as your base and then build off of that. Above you can see that I have kept most of the background elements from the first photo and overlaid the second photo on top. I kept the couch and made the supporting beam my transition points for the second photo.

The third photo poses the most problem. It's missing my Aunty right in the middle so the best way to work around this was to cut around her as well as the chair. Lining up the ceiling tiles was also a tad difficult but I played around with the eraser and found a suitable end result.