CreComm Group Shot

Who in the Jiminy Cricket are these guys?

Shooting your first group shot is down right nerve racking. I've never shot a group photo in my life. There are (in this case) 24 pairs of eyes expecting you to know exactly what angle to set up the camera point and shoot

When dealing with a group of people you obviously want to get everyone's face in the shot. The best way to go about this is to organize each person by height but shoot from above the group. This gives more room for everyone face to fit in. You don't want to have people peeking over shoulders of others, that's a recipe for HAWKWARD looking photos.

Also!! Make sure you if you shoot in Aperture priority mode that your shutter speed isn't so low that you get motion blur.

I'm going to miss having classes with all of section three so I'm going to enjoy the last week of this (below) while it lasts :) ♥

We're a weird bunch